Partner Due Diligence in Nigeria

Audere conducted a deep due diligence on prospective supplier to an international airline looking to move from its existing relationship which had been failing to meet the client’s internal compliance standards.

A review of publicly available information relating to the target company indicated that it had a good reputation for delivering a high-quality service and a consistent track record.  Through a series of human source enquiries with confidential sources in the local aviation industry, law enforcement and ministerial circles, we established that the patriarch of the company held very strong government links based on tribal and political power structures.

Satisfied that the linkages hadn’t constituted any violations of international corruption standards, the client was keen to understand the impact of this support in the context of upcoming elections, as well as any risks brought on by the target’s reported plans for public listing. 

Audere’s investigation into the company covered all aspects: from its ownership and sources of funds to standards of operation within the company and along its supply chain; we examined its relationship with local unions and reputation as an employer; its involvement in litigation and its adherence to regulatory standards.

Ultimately the client was satisfied that known risks could be mitigated and successfully transferred its relationship to the new supplier.