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Strategic Advisory

We assist our clients and organisations to identify challenges, gather information, and implement solutions that solve problems and foster growth.

Our holistic suite of services includes:

1. Strategic Planning and Execution:

We assist clients in developing and implementing organisational strategies, turning them into tangible outcomes that achieve real-world impacts.

2. Advisory Support:

Leveraging global and sector-specific insights, we conduct rigorous organisational analysis to identify and overcome business challenges.

3. Portfolio and Program Management:

Our team provides the necessary technical, thematic, and sector expertise to effectively implement, execute, evaluate, and learn from the delivery of programs and projects.

4. Market and Competitive Analysis:

We help clients understand market dynamics, assess competition, and make data-driven decisions, to gain a competitive edge through comprehensive market research and competitive analysis.

5. Sector-Specific Expertise:

Our regional and sector focused case managers bring deep industry-specific knowledge and insights in specific sectors to assist our clients in their strategic initiatives.

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The Audere Group protects and empowers clients active in complex commercial and operational landscapes, including contested environments, where others don’t always play by the rules.


 Audere Securus provides intelligence-led security services and support to enable clients to operate safely and securely in complex, opaque and potentially high-risk environments.