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Supply Chain Fraud

In today’s globalised business landscape, supply chains are exposed to various vulnerabilities, with fraud being a significant concern. Audere specialises in mitigating supply chain fraud risks and providing comprehensive solutions to safeguard our clients’ operations.

Understanding the Challenge

Supply chains are intricate ecosystems involving numerous third parties and a multitude of transactions. This complexity creates opportunities for fraudulent activities that can have far-reaching consequences. In this context, vigilance, and proactive measures
are crucial.

Our services include:

Fraud Investigations: We employ expert investigators and advanced techniques to uncover fraudulent transactions, identify culprits, and assess the extent of the damage.

Ongoing Monitoring: Compliance with both domestic and international standards is paramount to the reputation and success of our clients’ businesses. Our monitoring service ensures that client supply chain operations consistently meet applicable standards, reducing the risk of regulatory violations and fraud.

Covert Operations: In cases where traditional investigative methods may not suffice, we discreetly deploy undercover intelligence sources and surveillance operatives. This approach allows us to gather critical intelligence to expose and thwart fraudulent activities.

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The Audere Group protects and empowers clients active in complex commercial and operational landscapes, including contested environments, where others don’t always play by the rules.


 Audere Securus provides intelligence-led security services and support to enable clients to operate safely and securely in complex, opaque and potentially high-risk environments.