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Asset Tracing

Successful asset recovery hinges on conducting comprehensive and credible investigations. 

Our specialised asset tracing team is dedicated to providing expert support to a diverse range of clients, including law firms, litigation funders, corporations, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWs) throughout the entire litigation lifecycle.

Services encompass the following steps

  1. Pre-litigation assessment such as determining if legal proceedings are worthwhile 
  2. Assessing the enforceability of an award 
  3. Identifying assets and unwinding asset protection structures including piercing the corporate veil 
  4. Recovery strategies in support of discovery applications, settlement negotiations and attachment 
  5. Evidencing the ownership of assets in support of enforcement measures 

Sovereign Asset Tracing

Audere is committed to assisting our clients in investor-state or state-to-state disputes, in monetising sovereign arbitral awards and judgements and/or identifying and recovering misappropriated assets from deposed leaders of a sovereign state. Our experience includes:

  • Identifying high value assets following an arbitrational award  
  • Identifying pressure strategies and areas of disruption
  • Proving alter ego of the state
  • Identifying commercial purpose of a directly state-owned asset or SOEs
  • Determining whether a government is the real beneficiary of a targeted entity
  • Uncovering key information about the location and liquidity of state assets

We tailor each approach accordingly – bringing together the appropriate team and actionable intelligence in support of complex and lengthy disputes. 

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