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Cryptocurrency Asset Tracing 

Audere specialises in cryptocurrency asset tracing services, aiding clients in recovering lost or missing funds. We employ a holistic approach that merges technical transaction and withdrawal analysis with conventional asset tracing techniques. Our services include:

  • Transaction Analysis: We generate detailed timelines of transactions and withdrawals, assess the validity of transactions, and examine patterns, focusing especially on large transactions and frequent withdrawals.
  • Tracing and Investigation: Utilising chain analysis tools, we trace funds to their last known locations. This is complemented by targeted public records research to support legal actions for seizure and recovery.
  • Open-Source (OSINT) and Human Source (HUMINT) Intelligence: We map key stakeholders and undisclosed affiliations, aiming to identify red flags and uncover assets held indirectly. This encompasses financial assets, corporate assets, and both tangible and intangible assets.

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The Audere Group protects and empowers clients active in complex commercial and operational landscapes, including contested environments, where others don’t always play by the rules.


 Audere Securus provides intelligence-led security services and support to enable clients to operate safely and securely in complex, opaque and potentially high-risk environments.