Our Geo-Political and Country Analysis service provides comprehensive insights into the political, economic, social, and geographical factors influencing countries and their international behaviour. We offer a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in political science, economics, geography, history, and sociology to assist clients in understanding and navigating the complexities of international relations. Key Features Benefits
We assist our clients and organisations to identify challenges, gather information, and implement solutions that solve problems and foster growth. Our holistic suite of services includes: 1. Strategic Planning and Execution: We assist clients in developing and implementing organisational strategies, turning them into tangible outcomes that achieve real-world impacts. 2. Advisory Support: Leveraging global and […]
We assist clients before and during an M&A deal by collecting intelligence beyond routine legal and financial checks, which is invaluable for enhancing their negotiating position. This involves uncovering less apparent transactional risks, including undisclosed vested interests, connections and strategies within the tendering syndicate, as well as price-sensitive information. Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Research […]
Our Market Entry Due Diligence and Monitoring service is designed to assist businesses and organisations in making informed decisions when entering new markets. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that includes in-depth research, analysis, and ongoing monitoring to ensure a successful market entry and sustained growth. Audere’s research goes beyond generic country risk reports […]
Information and understanding are the keys to managing risks. Our ApproachWe employ a multifaceted approach that leverages a wide range of information sources, including confidential human sources (HUMINT), as well as public records and other open sources (OSINT). This approach ensures a comprehensive picture of the subject matter. Informed decision-makingOur findings are instrumental in enabling […]

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The Audere Group protects and empowers clients active in complex commercial and operational landscapes, including contested environments, where others don’t always play by the rules.


 Audere Securus provides intelligence-led security services and support to enable clients to operate safely and securely in complex, opaque and potentially high-risk environments.