Charles Blackmore

Charles founded Audere International in 2015 as a specialist commercial intelligence and investigations company emphasising quality human source and analytical research.

He entered the industry in 2004 after leaving JP Morgan Chase and headed up a US-owned practice in London. Charles expanded the business into emerging and frontier markets also establishing a sizeable security company in Iraq after the war.

In 2009 he moved to Page Group as CEO where he developed the global footprint and managed security contracts in Afghanistan, Haiti, the West Bank and Gaza. He was an officer in the British Army for 15 years before leaving to become an investment banker with Flemings. He was resident country manager for Jardine Fleming in Pakistan for 3 years before returning to run corporate finance coverage of Russia.

Charles has considerable experience of utilising timely intelligence on individuals and companies to facilitate decision-making and de-risk new market entry; as well as expertise in using a network of well-placed, confidential sources to trace assets and investigate financial crime. He is widely travelled and has published two books about his expeditions Conquering the Desert of Death and In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia.

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